VPN replacement with Zero Trust Data Security

Data Safe Zero Trust VPNs


VPNs have been around for a long time and were designed to allow remote workers secure access to the corporate network. The network served as the gateway to resources users needed to access remotely – servers, databases, and more.

For the application centric, cloud-first, borderless modern enterprise VPNs are no longer effective. They do provide the required data security for users who need remote access. This notion of granting broad network access falls apart since “the network” is no longer a monolith. The key reasons organizations are looking for Zero Trust VPN replacement are

  • Broad network access is insecure and incompatible with modern cloud-first organizations
  • VPNs do not ensure data security and are susceptible to evolving methods of data exfiltration
  • VPNs have become a blind spot in an organizations security posture
  • Traditional network security and monitoring tools do not provide the visibility needed
  • VPNs do not deliver the best customer experience

At Appaegis we have built a Zero Trust solution that addresses these challenges and provides data security. If you are looking remote connectivity solutions, or thinking about VPN alternatives, download our whitepaper or read our blog.


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